“The Way We Pray” from the Skit Guys

As a conclusion to the House of Prayer Series, we enjoyed a clip from the Skit Guys.  Here is the extended version of the video below.  Check out more from the Skit Guys here.

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2 comments on ““The Way We Pray” from the Skit Guys
  1. jessica burns says:

    This skit kind of bothers me. To me, it makes God seem like a whiney person. I just think He’s way cooler.

  2. Steve Miller says:

    well you know what kinda bothers me?? Just kidding Jessica! What part is whiney to you?

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  1. […] In Mathew 6:5-15 Jesus shows us an example of prayer. He prefaces it by saying don’t be hypocrites loudly praying in front of people for show. Don’t throw up empty phrases.  Insert the flash backs of ridiculous prayers you heard over the years. Or this ridiculous skit: kershaw.teamchurch.org/the-way-we-pray-from-the-skit-guys/ […]

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