St. Patrick Lessons

Veggie Tales teaches the story of St. Patrick, a true story filled with pirates, paganism, and yes, even shamrocks.


Some application from Michael McCartney in his sermon, “Lessons from St. Patrick

Patrick’s life and ministry teach us to be open to the call of God in our lives. His beginning in Ireland did not dictate his future but it drew him into a love relationship with Jesus Christ.

His relationship with Christ helped him to overcome adverse circumstances in his teen years. His ability to draw close to God and forgive had a dramatic impact on the Irish people and the success of his life. His willingness to follow God’s call made him a hero of the faith.

Lets learn from this man of God and ask our self a few questions,

  • Am I willing to draw closer to God in turbulent times?
  • Am I willing and able to forgive those who have caused pain in my life?
  • Am I willing to follow the call of God and even give my life to those who enslaved me?

If you learn to be like Patrick you have the benefit to really start living right were you are at. You really start to live when you take your eyes off the circumstances of life and draw closer to God. Then you will learn to recognize God’s voice.

This spiritual maturity will lead you out of bondage and slavery to freedom. Then as you continue to draw closer to God through study, prayer, and spiritual disciplines you will be called upon by God to do a ministry for Him. Who knows maybe you could win an entire nation to Christ? Maybe you could win a generation to Christ? Maybe you could win your family to Christ? The benefits to you will be eternal and the most rewarding thing you could do with your life.

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