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Sunday’s message began a new series called, “Wheelhouse.”  If you have ever heard someone say that a particular subject or skill was “in their wheelhouse,” they mean that it they are consistently strong in that area.  On the other hand, we all have areas that even if we practiced, we just don’t seem to get much traction.

You can hear the first message of the series here.

Steve Miller - May 4, 2014

Wheelhouse: Ground rules for operating in your Spiritual strengths (May 4)


We use the phrase “in your wheelhouse” to mean operating in your area of personal strength. And when people stick to what is “in their wheelhouse” they are consistently more productive, effective and satisfied. In the same way, the most productive and joyful Christians are those who have discovered their talents and using spiritual gifts to do what they were called to do. What is in your wheelhouse?

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God places spiritual gifts within every believer. Discover which areas of giftedness are “in your wheelhouse.”

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Also, you can begin finding out what spiritual gifts you may have by taking a spiritual gifts inventory.  Keep in mind, that no one is strong in everything.  The great thing about identifying where you are strongest is to help you focus your area of serving God and others in the unique strengths that God placed in you.

Below I’ve listed three free online spiritual gifts tools

1.   www.churchgrowth.org/cgi-cg/gifts.cgi?intro=1
108 questions, questions were simple to understand, not pushy, easier to choose something other than the middle-of-the-road answer, so gives a dynamic result.  This is my favorite test out of the three.

2.  www.chrissealey.com/spiritual-gifts-survey.htm 

Based on Rom 12:6-8, 35 Questions total.

3. www.assess-yourself.org/
33 questions.

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