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Steve Miller - September 22, 2013

Be a Matthew (Sept 22)

Be the Church

Introducing the way Team Church is going to take part in Billy Graham's "My Hope America," this sermon focuses on the things Matthew did right once he was called to follow Jesus. If you are to be a Matthew, here is what you need to be: be a true follower, be a real friend, be affected by those who need Jesus around you.

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Lifestyle or friendship evangelism is all about sharing your faith with your friends in everyday ways. No pat answers or slick strategies; you just need to be a friend, live in such a way that you can be a good witness, and talk with them about Jesus. November 2013 Billy Graham is calling the nation to engage in "Living Room" evangelism. Our job is to make friends, invite them to watch the Graham special called, "My Hope," share a brief testimony and ask if our friends want to make the decision to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. "Evangelism" simply means telling the Good News. How will you tell it?

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