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ParentChildDedWebAd1In a Child dedication service you are standing before your child and church to pledge to raise your family according to Christian values and practices. It includes taking seriously your personal role in praying for your child, making a home that blesses him or her, and the primary responsibility to lead your child to know and love Jesus Christ to the best of your ability.

Also this service offers your church fellowship, and others of your family, the opportunity to pledge a similar commitment. In the Bible, Jesus himself was dedicated in the Temple, and as an adult, he welcomed children warmly, held them, and taught them about His Kingdom. The church you belong to promises to welcome, care for, and lead your child in the example of Jesus.

At Team Church, a child dedication does not include baptism. We wait until a child is old enough to believe and understand the true meaning of salvation and baptism. Once a child has made the personal decision to trust Christ, he or she will have the opportunity to request to be baptized. Then, we can celebrate that too!

To participate in an upcoming child dedication service, please send the following information to Steve Miller. If you have questions or would like to further discuss the child dedication opportunity, please don’t hesitate to contact Steve at 803-288-2585.

Please provide the following items as they will be displayed onscreen in the dedication service:
– Child’s Full Name (First, Middle, Last)
– Child’s birthdate
– Parent/Guardians’ full names – how you would like them read aloud
– Photo of your child (digital preferred)
– Scripture verse you may want to dedicate to your child (optional)
– Vision or Prayer you may have for your child. (optional)

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