Inmates at Kershaw Correctional wash the feet of their children

Please click the text or the picture below to watch a WLTX video news report of inmates washing the feet of their children. (btw, for my friends in security, this is “cleared footage”  Feel free to share publicly.)


Click this photo to view the WLTX Video report

A beautiful prison ministry took place on the day before Easter at Kershaw Correctional.  Cyril Prahbu of Proverbs 226 Ministry and Manny Ohonme of Samaritan’s Feet made it possible for inmates to kneel in front of their children and say, “I’m sorry.”  Then they washed their feet and placed brand new sock and shoes on them provided by the ministries.

Team Church has had the privilege of washing the feet of children and supplying sneakers through Samaritan’s Feet in the past.  It is an awesome thing!

We of the Kershaw community are very concerned that businesses and social activities are declining all around this area, but one thing that is growing by leaps and bounds is God’s influence just beyond the barbwire.

Here is one selection from the Kershaw Correctional Choir from just last month.


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  2. Ronald Parks says:

    Many of these men meet Jesus for the first time in prison. Think about it… how much better of a man is who meets Jesus in prison that one who lives a life that is rich in material success and who live a life of privilege yet never knows the savior. In the context of eternity (and, very soon, that is the only .context that will mater to anyone) many people will be grateful that they went to prison. Just one of the many ironies of this life.

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