Home Teams

We believe that people have the most fun and gain the greatest sense of significance when they are connected to others, doing life together!  Team Church provides a variety of opportunities for Kids, Students and Adults to connect.

Want more information on Home Teams? Watch the video below to discover more about Home Teams at Team Church, and email Scott Whaley, Pastor of Spiritual Development for more info.


What Are Home Teams?

Home Teams are groups of adults who gather together on a weekly basis to pursue and live out a closer relationship with God and each other. In Home Teams, individuals develop healthy relationships, they discover how the Bible impacts and applies to their lives, and they have fun in the process! Home Team life at Team Church includes a variety of experiences including service, Bible study, prayer and relationship building. Home Teams are the primary means for adult spiritual growth at Team Church.

Connect – Learn – Grow

Connect: Home Teams provide the opportunity for people to connect with one another on a more personal level. As Home Team members meet together weekly, friendships are made as they become involved in each others lives. A sense of community is developed when we spend time together.

Learn: Home Team studies include many different topics such as a particular book of the Bible, topical studies, popular Christian book studies, and DVD series. People at Team Church can choose the Home Team that interests them and gives them the opportunity to learn more about God and His Word as well as how they can apply what they learn to their daily lives.

Grow: Personal and spiritual growth are huge benefits of being involved with a Home Team. We grow as individuals as we connect with others and learn to care for and share with them. We also grow spiritually when we spend time studying God’s word on a regular basis.