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The Way to Salvation

The series of messages this month focuses on Team Church’s commitment to reaching people where they are and leading them to full devotion in Jesus Christ.

Do you know how to lead someone to experience salvation?  While there are so many good approaches to telling someone the good news of the Gospel,

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Prayer Challenge

The sermon today referenced a challenge issued by Max Lucado. Check out the link below and consider signing up.

  • Sign Up for the Prayer Challenge and Get the Free Pocket Prayers eBook by Max Lucado

  • 4 Minutes + 4 Weeks = Forever Change.

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Announcements for Sunday March 9

1. Fasting

  • We are in the Lenten Season…many of you have tried giving up something as a fast for the Lord. Of course Sunday is a day of celebration. I wonder how this Sunday feels different to you now that you are breaking your fast for the day.

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Announcements made for Sunday Sept 1

Announcements made on Sunday Sept. 1st:


Team Church has a volleyball team and Tuesday, Sept 3 at 6:30pm (at the Buford Recreation Center) will be Team Church’s first game.  If you are available, come out and support our team! There is a small charge for each attendee at the door.

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Youth Events for August 2013

Team Church Youth Events for August

Youth 13-18 are invited to join the Team Church Youth in any of the following events.  You do not have to be a member of Team Church to participate.

Saturday August 17 the youth are entering the Lancaster County Frog Gigging contest sponsored by the Lancaster County Coon Club.  

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Volunteering at KARE

KARE of Kershaw has a special volunteer project and need volunteers for the clothing store until May 2.  If you can help please call 803-475-4173 

They need help during the following times this week:

Monday          1-3 pm

Tuesday          12-3 pm

Wednesday    1-3 pm

Thursday       12-3 pm 


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Areas of Need = Opportunities to Serve

Currently we have areas of need at Team Church.  We are a people who team up to serve one another and God.  This is evident every Sunday because it takes diligent people to set-up church, put out nice things to drink and snack on, and especially prepare for the children.

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Church at the Bowling Alley

Yesterday, we had to meet at the bowling alley for church due to a water issue the AJ Rec Center.  We expect that by next Sunday we will be back at home in the AJ Rec Center.

It was a nice change of pace to meet in a different location.  

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Announcements for Mar. 10

Egg Hunt

1.)  Special thanks to Cami and her team and especially the youth who participated in the 30-hour famine.  They raised over $1300 for world hunger through this event.  That is enough to feed three children for a year!


2.)  Easter is 3 weeks away (btw,

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Daylight Saving Time Begins Mar 10

miaHgsmDaylight Saving Time begins this weekend.

Please spring forward Saturday night!

Don’t forget to set your clocks FORWARD one hour before going to bed on Saturday night. You will not want to miss the service this Sunday!

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