Announcements for Sunday March 9

1. Fasting

  • We are in the Lenten Season…many of you have tried giving up something as a fast for the Lord. Of course Sunday is a day of celebration. I wonder how this Sunday feels different to you now that you are breaking your fast for the day. I bet at least one person couldn’t wait to brew the coffee this morning!
  • We’d like to recognize all of the participants, and leaders of the 30 Hour Famine for World Hunger. Close to $1,000 was raised for World Vision in their pursuit to help end famine.  Thank you to everyone who participated in breaking the fast last night, too!

2. Men’s Night
Men’s monthly game night is this coming Tuesday night (Every 2nd Tuesday). Drop-in at the Methodist Church starting at 7:00 pm. I feel like some disclaimers ought to be given, but the first rule of Game Night is … well you know.

3. Youth Events this weekend

  • Winter Jam — Friday, Mar. 14- Doug will be taking youth to Winter Jam in Columbia at Colonial Life Arena. Admission will be free for youth. Adults are welcome, too.He will pick up AJ students at 2 pm at the school and and he will be providing snacks and the entrance fee for anyone that needs it.
  • Food for the Soul –Sunday, Mar. 16- Join the Youth and help pack lunches for 60 folks in Camden who need help finding food. Youth will travel to Camden after worship service and will be back in Kershaw by 3:30.

4.  The Awakening
March 29, 4-8pm, Stevens Park Pavilion – Sponsored by Team Church and Morningstar Ministries, the Awakening Concert will be a free, public event featuring contemporary Christian music. Refreshments will also be provided free of charge. Please plan to attend! This will be a family friendly event. More details will be available in the coming weeks!

If there are any questions please raise them.


… Next Month

Easter Services
April 20th – Joint Sunrise Service and Breakfast
This year we will do something very special: Team Church is invited to participate with First United Methodist Church of Kershaw in a Sunrise Service and breakfast. The service will be in doors and pastor Steve Miller will deliver the message. The brief service will begin at 7 am and the breakfast will follow.

We have a great opportunity to serve the Methodist congregation because they have been so generous to open their doors for us to use the facility. (Also, they will be lending their facility to the Mt. Calvary Outreach summer camp too–what an awesome and rare spirit of teamwork they have)

We will be looking for an estimate of how many people plan to attend the breakfast for planning needs, and also we could use a handful of volunteers to help prepare the meal. We will let you know soon how to let us know if you will be coming

Team Church Easter Service at First UMC Sanctuary
Also, on Easter, our regular Team Church worship will be held at our normal time (10:30am), but we will meet at the Methodist Church. Please remember that we will not be meeting at the AJ Rec Center on Easter Sunday, but instead will enjoy the change of pace in the First UMC sanctuary. There will not be a children’s ministry class so that family’s can worship together, but nursery care may be provided (tba).

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