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St. Patrick Lessons

Veggie Tales teaches the story of St. Patrick, a true story filled with pirates, paganism, and yes, even shamrocks.

Some application from Michael McCartney in his sermon, “Lessons from St. Patrick

Patrick’s life and ministry teach us to be open to the call of God in our lives.

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Announcements for Mar. 10

Egg Hunt

1.)  Special thanks to Cami and her team and especially the youth who participated in the 30-hour famine.  They raised over $1300 for world hunger through this event.  That is enough to feed three children for a year!


2.)  Easter is 3 weeks away (btw,

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Tips for Fasting: 30-Hour Famine begins today

Today, the youth of Team Church will begin a 30-hour fast for World Hunger:  30-Hour Famine.

Maybe you have wondered about fasting before or could use some practical tips.  The below is something we used earlier during our fasting challenge, but you may find this helpful if you are considering fasting along with the youth.

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Daylight Saving Time Begins Mar 10

miaHgsmDaylight Saving Time begins this weekend.

Please spring forward Saturday night!

Don’t forget to set your clocks FORWARD one hour before going to bed on Saturday night. You will not want to miss the service this Sunday!

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Feed the Hungry (Easter) Mar 31

Team Church partners with other ministries to feed the indigent twice a month in Camden, SC.  This month we have a special opportunity on Easter to help once more.

Doug Murray will carry youth and anyone else who wants to help to Camden for a special “Ministry Without Walls”

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Easter Egg Hunt March 30

Easter2nd Annual Team Church Easter Egg Hunt

When:  Saturday, March 30 at 3pm
Where:  Hann Residence – 1534 Horton Rollins Rd., Kershaw

Kids 12 and older will be asked to help hide eggs.  The yard will be divided into two egg-hunting sections,

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Announcements for March 3

1.  We want to say thank you to those who have been feeding the hungry lately:

First to the youth for the wonderful work they do with Food for the Soul.  They prepare and serve bag lunches for the people in the Camden area.  They will be feeding again on March 17th and again on Easter.  

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30 Hour Famine March 8-9

Gift Catalogue - Paroumba ADPThe 2013 30 Hour Famine will be March 8-9. The Youth will participate in 30 Hour Famine to raise awareness for world hunger. This will be held at the Kershaw Methodist Church building where students will fast from food for thirty hours.  During that time,

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